Our consultancy works is diverse given several consultants GCL  engages. Mainly we carry out Environmental Impact Assessments and Environmental Audits, Amalgamations of plots, Change of Users, Preparation of Master Plans for Counties, towns and regions, Land Subdivisions and Health and Safety Trainings among several other works as listed in our website. Below are some of the projects we have successfully carried out for our clients.


1. Built School in Masai Mara






Spring Water

2. Spring Water Conservation Policies







3. Environmental Audit of an Institution






Commercial Block

4. Assessment of Commercial Projects






Water Plant

5. Assessment for proposed Industries and Factories











Greendime Consultants Ltd has carried out over two hundred Environmental Impact Assessments and Environmental Audits. We have an outstanding record of delivering successful results. We have consultants ranging from Environmental Experts, International Urban Planners, Land Surveyors, and Health and Safety Assessors/Trainers.

GCL works with several other partners both locally and Internationally. we partner with several other firms with various experts to meet the objectives of our clients. We work closely with several Architectural and Engineering Firms who have cut themselves a special niche in growing the Kenyan economy.

We have found our relationship with Greendime Consultants to be very satisfying
and mutually beneficial experience.

We have been buying solar energy from system from them for years.
Thank you for your outstanding products and services!

We have been working with Industrial Company for many years.
They are the most reliable partners.

Be informed!

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